Welcome to the tourism translation website!

Who am I?

I am passionate about languages, especially French and English, I am proud of my countries, France and England and I enjoy sharing my knowledge with others. So I decided to become a free-lance translator.

I want to make available my language skills to people who don’t have the chance to express themselves perfectly in French. I translate from English to French and from French to English as I am lucky to have two mother tongues. I am half French and half English, I have been raised learning both languages, and thus I grasp the subtleties of each language. This enables me to produce accurate translations that are true to the original text.

I graduated in English and Marketing. I have occupied different positions in the tourism industry, employments related to customer service as well as project management. This experience in tourism enables me to understand and thus meet the demands of the profession.

Trad’en Seine uses my experience and my culture to offer clear and precise information to your readers.

What’s Trad’en Seine? It’s the new tourism translation company.

Trad’en Seine is all about a free-lance translator dedicated to tourism. As much as France is appreciated by foreign visitors, French people also enjoy exploring the world. Due to the proximity between France and England and the daily ferry crossings, French people visit England more and more. Translation is a means of informing them about the places of interest and heritage that can be discovered in England.

With the Olympic Games taking place in London in July 2012, and the aftermath effect it will have on tourism in the country, it is becoming increasingly important to welcome tourists in their mother tongue and make sure they will enjoy their stay. Don’t forget that a tourist who receives a warm welcome will want to come again...

Not only are languages and translation important to me, but I really want to take part in promoting the historic, cultural and natural heritage of England and France, two countries that I am particularly fond of. Trad’en Seine is above all about sharing, about helping people to cross the language barrier and discover beautiful places, by providing useful, interesting and well-written information.

La philosophie de la relation client

Fini le traducteur inconnu et distant, la traduction est un véritable partenariat entre nous, c’est grâce à l’échange et au travail d’équipe que nous aboutirons à un travail de qualité. Si vous êtes situé dans l’Eure, dans le Calvados ou en Seine Maritime, nous nous rencontrerons afin de discuter de votre projet de traduction. Si vous n’êtes pas dans la région, aucun problème, nous n’aurons peut-être pas l’occasion de nous rencontrer mais nous échangerons au sujet de votre projet au moyen de skype, téléphone et e-mail, selon votre convenance.