Ethical principles:

As a professional translator, it is important for me to comply with the code of ethics of the profession. These guidelines enable me to work in the best conditions, and at the same time they guarantee my professionalism and my dedication.

My ethic is particularly built on:

  • Respect for the customer;
  • Respect for professional secrecy, assurance of confidentiality regarding customers and shared contents;
  • Quality translation guaranteed by translating only towards my mother tongue;
  • A human, traditional, and researched translation, using no computer software programs.

This last principle has been made Trad’en Seine’s golden rule. Automatic translation programs can produce wrong translations even funny ones, for instance when a lawyer in French is called an avocado in English! Only a person can understand, interpret and reword a text. Translation not only conveys words but also carries the idea and tone expressed by those words. That’s why translation is an art that has not been equalled by any electronic device yet. Here, each translation is thought through and each word is considered. Trad’en Seine uses dictionaries, specialized or not, bilingual or not and builds its own glossaries. But Trad’en Seine never replaces research and thinking with automatic translation software.

Quality Charter
  • Respect for the original meaning;
  • On time delivery;
  • Prior research concerning the project;
  • Systematic verification of spelling, grammar, punctuation, and syntax;
  • Use of the appropriate touristic terminology;
  • Proofreading before delivery;
  • Archiving translation and building glossaries to ensure coherent terminology through time;

  • After our first contact, I analyse your request and send you a free quote.
  • You return the quote with your written approval and signature, you make sure you give me the final documents (in digital or paper format)
  • My work is divided into 3 stages:
    • Analysis and understanding of the text. Literature and terminology research.
    • Translation stage. I translate according to your instructions and we remain in contact in case I have questions about the text. The translation is made without using any automatic software.
    • Proofreading stage. Control of grammatical, syntactic and spelling accuracy. Improvement in style to ensure consistency.
  • Delivery of the document (in digital and/or paper format)
  • You have 7 days to disagree with the translation and ask for corrections.
  • Payment will be due 30 days after the date of the invoice.